Zorin OS


A powerful operating system designed to make your computer faster, more secure and easier to use.

  • Active and constant development
  • Simple surface
  • Zorin Appearance: Desktop adaptations for different tastes and application scenarios
  • Lite version for old PCs
  • Additional functions from Zorin Appearance often make working life easier and work faster – such as date display in the task provider, week numbers in the calendar, adjustments to the taskbar, icons on the desktop …
  • “Standard” surface
  • GNOME as a basis is often noticeable and in an older version
  • Based on old Windows versions, mixed with GNOME and in-house developments. Doesn’t look quite round yet.
Unsere Meinung / What we say

Like Elementary OS, Zorin OS has stood out above all through constant and conscientious further development. Less hardware hunger, simple and tidy operation – albeit based on Windows – pay off. There is a line there.

New users usually find their way around quickly, and everything is so portioned and arranged that you are never overwhelmed. Noticeably geared towards normal users.

Coming features like ‘Zorin Grid’ – which allows mass management of computers with Zorin OS, will put pressure on other systems, especially in larger environments like schools, companies and cities / communities.

Seems like a more consistent focus on users, with quality and privacy in mind. Here you may find a gap and you can also ask for money – which I think is fair.

Usability: 75%
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