Because there are a lot of tests and coverage around the Linux desktop, we want to do something different.
Because: There are no superficial tests here.

What are our goals?

It is difficult enough to find your way around in the Linux world. It’s more difficult when you’re new to the field, or just want to get informed enough to know what’s right for you.

Goal 1: To give people direct experience based on everyday practice that goes beyond normal reporting.

Goal 2: To motivate and facilitate people to switch to Linux systems.

Goal 3: Provide feedback to developers that has added value and practical relevance.

How we test

Currently, the tested distribution is installed on a laptop and used in everyday life for a few days. Here, no attention is paid to specific orientations of the distribution, but only how and whether it can be used for everyday life.

Altogether thereby a practice-oriented way is taken, so that one tests, how one uses a system (a laptop in the case), really.

It’s about data and pictures, surfing and mails, games and everyday tasks. Because a nice system can be useless, a useful system complicated, or even a modern system too minimalistic. However, you often only find this out after a while.

Since each test itself is very time-consuming and also the writing takes days (this is also a hobby project so far), we are usually not up to date with the tests, but can then often fall back on more stable and mature systems.


We set ourselves certain goals that we want to achieve in terms of time and visitors. If visitors increase, the effort behind the website will also increase – which is to be seen as positive.

There are considerations to standardize the tests in a certain way, so that we always have the same conditions and can offer a point system for final evaluations. In a way, we would like to be free to always create specific and own tests for each system.

Additional manpower might also be appropriate, this could also be good for translations into other languages, because currently we write in German and translate into English. Interested parties are also welcome to contact us.

Who are we?

Currently still a hobby project that wants to establish itself. The expertise comes on the one hand from decades of computer practice of a technician, shared with inquiries from the agency area, since one must pay attention there very much to the end user, above all naturally which concerns Design and Usability. Furthermore, there is, unsurprisingly, a strong orientation towards Linux systems, where at least pro-users have several years of experience.

This gives you a good basis for testing precisely such systems – design, usability and everyday life, always with the end user in mind.