The open source Ubuntu desktop operating system powers millions of PCs and laptops around the world.

  • Very active development
  • Large community
  • Current software basis
  • Well-stocked store with current versions
  • Fast security updates
  • LTS versions for long support periods
  • Visually beautiful
  • Fast and resource-saving
  • Raspberry Pi support
  • Developed with company background
  • Snap packages are not yet fully usable
  • Inflexible further development, also because of GNOME
  • Not always a clear direction
  • Sometimes confusing implementations (updates, installations)
  • Store slow and not very nice to use
  • Apps in the store are often of poor quality and / or old
Unsere Meinung / What we say

All in all a good Linux operating system, the basis of a complete infrastructure and usable. Not yet on par with the proprietary competition, but also usable as main system for a number of scenarios.

Unfortunately, alignment and implementation, some of which are questionable, you notice that there is often no direction and changes run through several systems – Ubuntu and GNOME, as well as their derivatives.

Usability: 70%

Logic and handling problems result in poor grades because not everything works continuously, is logically structured or looks round.

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