The Linux operating system for everyone, powering millions of PCs and laptops worldwide

  • Very active development
  • Big community
  • Current software basis
  • Well stocked store with current versions
  • Fast security updates
  • LTS versions for long support periods
  • Visually beautiful
  • Fast and resource-saving
  • Raspberry Pi Support on October 20th
  • Is developed with company background
  • Snap packages not perfect yet
  • Inflexible further development, also because of GNOME
  • Direction not always clear
  • Some confusing implementations (updates, installations)
  • Store slow and not very easy to use
  • Apps in the store are often of poor quality and/or old
Unsere Meinung / What we say

A good Linux operating system, basis of a complete infrastructure and easy to use. Although not yet on par with the proprietary competition, it can also be used as a main system for a number of scenarios.

Unfortunately, the orientation and implementation are sometimes unclear, you can tell that there is often no direction and changes are found in several systems – Ubuntu and GNOME, as well as their derivatives.

Usability: 70%

Logic and handling problems result in lower grades, since not everything works consistently, is structured logically, or appears well-rounded.