Apps make the world go round

KDE neon 5.21 tested

In the Distrowatch list, KDE neon scratches the top 10 and is an interesting candidate based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and with KDE that is

Pop! OS 20.10 tested

A system that has made a name for itself in recent years. The actual hardware provider System 76 builds it on the basis of Ubuntu

Fedora 32 tested

A system that builds on GNOME, appear in the top 10 distributions since years and sometimes goes its own way. Above all, Fedora offers an

Linux Mint 20 tested

A distribution that has appeared in the top 10 of the distro distribution for years and is one thing above all – traditional. I want

Zorin OS Core 15.2 tested

Already some time on the market, but not really in sight. Again based on Ubuntu and GNOME, should be reminiscent of Windows. A paid version

Elementary OS 5.1 tested

Elemenary OS has been establishing itself on the Linux desktop market for years and is very successful. We installed the system, worked, lived and tested

Ubuntu 20.04 tested

Ubuntu was released on time in the LTS version and offers all sorts of new and interesting things. We take a realistic look at it.