Linux Mint


Linux Mint is an elegant, easy to use, up to date and comfortable GNU/Linux desktop distribution.

  • Simple and functional
  • Known design from previous systems
  • Runs fast on older hardware
  • Concentrated on the essentials
  • Great spread
  • Design already very old-fashioned
  • Hardly any comfort functions
  • Old operating concept
  • No global search
  • Background programs did not start
Unsere Meinung / What we say

In general, the system is not enough for today when it comes to design, usability and functions. It is very reminiscent of an old Windows system – if you like it, you are in good hands here. Newbies should only use Mint if they are looking for a sporadic Windows replacement.

Usability: 50%

The system is not difficult to use, but it is sometimes old-fashioned. Anyone who is familiar with Windows XP will also get by here. The modern user misses comfort functions in vain.

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